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Yamaha Rhino Roof and Soft Top Buyer’s Guide

11 Dec 2013 | Categories: Buyer's Guides | Posted by: Kevin1


HCR Cargo Rack

With the release of the new Yamaha Viking earlier this year, the Rhino has been effectively pushed to the sidelines as Yamaha tries to erase its own memory of legal battles and other troubles with the Rhino.  Still this model remains one of the most popular and abundant in the US and Canada, and with more than a million examples running around North America, the Rhino faithful will no doubt continue tweaking and improving the UTV, and one of the best places to start is with a quality roof.

HCR Racing designs everything from doors to suspensions to unique cargo roofs like the one
here.  With stainless steel construction to eliminate rust, this top includes lips on all four corners with drainage holes to make sure most precipitation finds its way out.  The roof uses existing mounting points, and forms to the curvature of the Rhino’s cage for a perfect fit.

Pro Armor Soft Top

Soft tops are usually the lowest cost solution to protecting your passengers, and providing shade on the hottest ride days.  This Seizmik soft top is waterproof and fade resistant, and the nylon reinforced vinyl construction offers excellent protection from the elements. Pro Armor makes a soft top as well, and is an excellent solutions if you’d like some color options for your top.
Half roof rack and half light bar, this hybrid roof system, also from Seizmik, replaces your Rhino’s 2 bar structure with a 4 bar setup, and includes an arched center section for added room in the cabin.  There are integrated driver and passenger handles built right in, and the light bar mount will hold up to four separate lights.

EMP Rhino roof

EMP Slim Line Roof

EMP’s low profile roof for the Rhino uses super-thin .090 aluminum sheet metal, powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion.  There is a built-in LED light, offering 100 hours of light on one set of batteries, eliminating the need for complicated wiring.  The roof weighs only 15 lbs, and adds zero height to your vehicle, so you can still fit it underneath the roof of your toy hauler.  It also features a front and rear rain gutter to route water off the roof and away from the vehicle’s cabin. The roof mounts with rubber coated straps, included with purchase.  It is designed to work easily with EMP’s glass or plastic windshields.


Maier Hard Top Rhino Roof

Maier is the only major stock plastics replacement company serving the motorsports industry, and their replacement warranty is also unusual for the industry; if you break their product, they’ll replace it once for free!  This roof ships in three pieces, leaving lots of room in the center of the vehicle’s cabin, and reducing shipping cost significantly.  The roof can be ordered in black orange, red, silver , pink, textured black, black carbon fiber, white, dark blue , green or yellow. For these and other roof options for your Rhino, visit


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